How Will You Pray in 2019

The beginning of a new year is a great time to jump-start your prayer life, but let’s face it, most of us struggle to consistently spend time in prayer. We know we should. We even want to. But, oftentimes, even when we try, we find our prayer time to be frustrating.

We feel distracted.

We struggle for words.

We fall asleep.

Developing an effective prayer life requires more than desire. It requires intention and it requires discipline. Here are a few steps to upgrade your prayer life!

Have a plan. Don’t count on a great prayer life just happening. Decide ahead of time where and when you will pray. Are mornings or evenings better for you? Where can you go to minimize distractions? Do you like to be inside in your favorite chair? Or, would you prefer to be outside with the sounds of Creation reminding you of God’s divine nature?

Make sure your plan includes God’s word. It’s been said that the secret to a successful prayer life is to make God’s will your want – then ask for whatever you want! There is no better place to find God’s will than in His word. While we can learn about God from Creation and through fellowship with other believers, to truly dive deeply into the nature of God, you must learn about Him from His word. So, what will you read/study/pray back to God?

Organize your prayers. For some, this may be simply be a plan in your head regarding who/what you pray for on certain days. For others, a calendar or notebook scheduling various prayer topics on certain days may be preferred. One creative friend of mine maintains a bulletin board with photos/images to remind her of those people and situations she wants to regularly bring to God in prayer.

Record your prayers. This is a practice you will not regret. When we look back on our recorded prayers, we find clarity in seeing God that is at work around us. Without a record of prayer, we are more prone to miss the opportunity to be awed by what He is doing in and around us! Seeing His hand at work builds our faith in unimaginable ways!

Meditate on God’s word. When we meditate or memorize God’s word in our prayer time, we can carry what we know to be true about God from His word with us all day long. As we encounter the inevitable trials of the day, our hearts and minds can more easily be comforted and reassured with His words. When doubts set in our faith can more easily be strengthened. And, in our most joyous moments, our praise can more easily be pointed heavenward.

Praying Through Scripture gives women a tool to develop an effective prayer life. Its unique advantage is that is based solely on God’s word. This book will teach you to pray in a way that honors God and His word. It will encourage you to record your prayers in the beautiful journal space. And, it will teach you to memorize God’s word and, in doing so, renew your mind and transform your life.



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