How a T-shirt Changed My Life

Last fall, while searching for who-knows-what on Amazon, I started seeing women’s T-shirts that were printed with “Christian-y” messages. You know the ones I’m talking about…..

Keep Calm and Pray On

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

and the infamous,


I thought it would be fun to find one that expressed a “Thankful” message to wear for our Thanksgiving Day festivities. My search began. A shirt caught my eye, but the message on it was not for Thanksgiving Day. It was more than that. It was a message for every day.

It simply said, “Faith over Fear.”

I knew that was MY shirt. I ordered it (well, actually I ordered two because I couldn’t decide which color I liked best). The first week I wore it at least three times. To be honest, it didn’t look great on me. The style isn’t all that flattering for my body type.

But, I wore it anyhow.

And, every time I put it on, I was reminded of the choice….a choice that I have to make in a myriad of situations every single day. Will I choose faith or fear?

I realized that I was already making the choice but, far too often, my choice was the default option. Default relies on instinct. My instinct is often fear.

But, faith, at least Christian faith, relies on God. Faith trusts God in a way that enables us to live His way.

So, what has faith over fear meant in my life?

It’s meant reaching out in love to restore a friendship that ended in unresolved conflict.

It’s meant engaging with new people, instead of retreating to my comfort zone.

It’s meant speaking truth in love even when it’s hard.

It’s meant sharing how God is working in my life in environments that terrify me.

It’s meant pausing the urgent to focus on the important.

God has blessed these choices more than I could have imagined. And, I shouldn’t be so surprised. Fear relies on us. Fear robs us of the joy we get from trusting Him and leaves us feeling scarce. But, Faith relies on Him and on His ways. It makes life richer. Faith allows us to experience His best.

So, God did use a T-shirt to change my life. But, here’s the catch: You don’t need the T-shirt. You simply need to make the choice. Faith over fear.

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and
assurance about what we do not see.
Hebrews 11:1

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