Prayer Warrior Wannabe

I wrote these books for myself.  Seriously.  While that may seem a little strange, it’s the truth.

I have loved Jesus for many years.  I love His Word and I’m pretty faithful in reading or studying it everyday. I love to listen to sermons and be wowed by some mind blowing connection between the Old and New Testaments that I had missed. I love when a familiar passage takes on new depth as I learn the true meaning of a word in the original Greek or Hebrew. In short, I LOVE learning about our amazing God through His Word.

But with prayer, I struggle.  For years, I wanted to love prayer, to be that woman who rises early and often, who spends long and precious moments with the Lord in praise of Him and in supplication for others and for herself.  But, I’m not that woman.  When I pray early, my mind wanders to the demands of the day.  When I pray late, my energy wanes and sleep overtakes me. And, often, I cannot find words to express what my heart longs to say.

Years ago, I learned the “secret of prayer” from a favorite pastor’s sermon.  He said to simply make GOD’S will YOUR wants. Then, ask for whatever you want!  I loved this and sought ways to apply it to my prayer life. I began asking God, after a time of reading or studying, to show me how to use what I just learned about Him/His will to pray for those around me.

This was helpful, but I still felt distracted in my prayer time. On top of that, there were people and situations that I desired to pray for on a regular basis, but still did not do so. That’s where the writing of this book begins….

I began collecting verses and organizing them by categories of prayer – by topics that I wanted to pray for regularly.  Initially, there were verses scribbled on various pieces of notebook paper and in prayer journals.  Eventually, they were organized. As I began to use them in my personal prayer time, I learned that these categories really did help my focus. And, by praying specific bible verses with each category, I no longer had to “find” the words to pray.  God had already given them to me.

With much help from my husband (and some design input from my 12 year old), Volume 1 began to take shape. Instead of normal “proof-reading,” these books were checked through “prayer-reading.” I’ve prayed through every verse and every page and asked some friends to do the same.

While I’m still a Prayer Warrior Wannabe, thanks to the grace of God and the contents of these books, I’ve come a long way.