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“This book is amazing! It helps you keep your prayers focused without being overwhelmed by too much journaling. I love the prompts for praying for things I often forget about like government leader. No more mind going off in 1,000 directions while praying! 🙂 You won’t regret buying this book. In fact, buy several and give some away as gifts!” – Karlyn

“Praying Through Scripture is a game changer! I am a life-long journaling “wanna-be.” This prayer journal is so accessible and user-friendly that ​I look forward to my prayer time and am able to go deeper because of the ease of use. Memorizing Scripture has never been an intentional part of my prayer life, but I am finding such richness in this process. ​I am constantly looking for new ways to grow in my relationship with God, and this journal has come along just when I needed it. The journal is simple, yet perfectly laid out for my needs. Beautiful photos enhance my experience without making me feel like this journal belongs to someone else. I have purchased several as gifts as well.” – D.R.H.

“I love the organized format of the prayer Journal. I have always wanted to journal more and this short Journal format is doable for me. It’s already expanded my discernment of the scriptures included. And what a great idea to add the letters to help you to memorize the scriptures… This seems like an easy way to to actually memorize scripture finally! Thanks Kim” – Jamie

“This prayer journal has been such a blessing for me since I began using it to organize my time with the Lord. It is a great way to keep track of all the different prayer needs that God puts on my heart and brings to my mind. The breakdown of categories reminds me to pray for people and situations I might not have even remembered, and also gives me actual scripture to pray back to the Lord on the different topics. Plus, at the bottom of the pages is a way to help with memorizing the scriptures that is very simple and really works! There are plenty of pages to allow for detailed prayer journaling for months, and lovely artwork throughout. The beautiful layout, including lots of lined spaces for recording insights and answers to prayer, has made this book a joy for me to use — in my own prayer time as well as for gifts!” – Bydelle

“I purchased this book to help me stay focused in prayer. I tend to start out strong but then I begin to think about all the requirements the day holds. This journal is a great tool to keep me on track. Each page has prayer prompts that are meaningful to me and scripture to pray as well. I’m so grateful for the encouragement to be purposeful in prayer! It’s been a fun gift to give to my praying friends and they’ve each said the same thing – I need this! Thank you so much!” – Michelle

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